Thursday, 16 June 2011

RIP Mark "Drac" Hicks

It is with great sadness and shock that I write, as the Slave guitarist, Mark "Drac" Hicks has passed today on the 16th June 2011.

Mark "Drac" Hicks was an original member of Slave, and was at the forefront of many of Slave's jams, contributing and creating some of Slave's well known guitar solos that pioneered a more commonplace usage for guitar solos in funk and R&B in general. He left Slave in 1980, and came back in 1988 to help with Slave's remaining tracks, committed to funk in the years when it was seldomly heard on the radio. Like his contemporary Mark Adams, he was a legend in funk throughout the ages. I never got the chance to speak to Drac, but I know from his very friendly and outreaching PR representative, Shawn, that he had a great fondness for my website!

Two legends have departed us in both March and June of this year, so it is all of our sincerest duties to continue their legacy by keeping their music alive!

My greatest condolences to Drac's family and devoted friends. Like Mark Adams,he will be sorely missed by me and every Slave fan in the world. God bless.


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