Sunday, 6 March 2011

R.I.P. Mark Adams

I'm trembling literally as I type this. This is truly, truly devastating.

On the 5th of March 2011 Mark Adams passed away. Circumstances are thusfar unknown, but rumours are spreading, and I wish not to repeat them here.

As you'll know, this page is totally and utterly dedicated to Slave, its members, and its unmatched musical legacy.

Also, though, I was in contact with Mark Adams through email, and we spoke, fairly regularly.

His mother had died, as I posted on here, and he was struggling to cope with that, as you could easily understand. I sent him an email on Christmas Eve, and he said, I quote verbatim, "thank you my cat , i'll be back to myself real soon i hope and pray , i miss my mom real bad but , i'm moving on , so stay with me ok !!!" We exchanged, briefly, too briefly,but he ended with "we shall see stellar soon". He was working on a solo project, and was, at some point, going to let me hear a sample of it.

Anyway, I sent him emails, two in January. He didn't respond to the second one, and, well, time got on board of me.

Even more awful is that I then sent him another email... two days before he died. I was checking to see if he was alright, see how he'd came on. Here's what I wrote:

"Hi there Mark!

Sorry I haven't emailed for a while! Been busy; we're trying to sell the house and move to the country & get a more peaceful, outdoor life! How is everything going Mark? Hope all is well! Been meaning to give you a ring for some time, too, but I wouldn't want to call at an inconvenient time! (Also a bit difficult as we're 8 hours forward!) Hope everything is treating you well Mark!! Let me know if there's anything you require!!!

God bless, and the very best of wishes!!


You have no idea how much this news tears inside me. I feel physically sick at the tragedy. Life has cut short what could have been the greatest revival story of funk. I feel annoyed at myself for letting the time in-between the two emails go by.

But we can all agree that this is extremely awful, and one of he most gifted musicians on Earth has gone. R.I.P. Mark...

Dearest condolences toall his family members, and sincerest apologies and condolences to the bearer of the bad news, Steve Arrington. I'm very sorry that such an awful event occured on your birthday, Steve.