Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hi there ladies and gentlemen!

I've been without the internet for at least three weeks, so I haven't been around much. Basically, I'm gonna call it a day for updates. Slave's legacy continues on and on, but as regards to this site, I simply don't have the time that I used to have when it comes to adding material. Email me as always with any updates and anything you've got, as it will always be appreciated! But on the blog post front, I'm calling it a day! I've had great fun and enjoyment being committed to this blog and the hard work put into the photos and info! Everything will remain the same on here, but nothing new will be added!

The greatest of respect to all my followers, friends who've kept and will continue to keep me updated, and, of course, to all members of Slave, and everyone involved in some way, shape or form with Slave!!!

Contact me at your leisure with the email address here on the site!

Best wishes!

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