Saturday, 16 January 2010

All Lineup Pictures (So Far)

This will be a collection of all Slave lineup pictures I can currently find/get my hands on.

I can name most people in the pictures, but some of them, I cannot. If you can tell me who any of the people are that I can't, please leave a comment. Thank you! Click all for full size.

1977 original lineup on the back of the debut Slave album.

1977 lineup on the back of The Hardness Of The World.

This particular photo was found in the book, Funk by Dave Thompson. From left to right: Raye Turner, Tom Lockett, Danny Webster, Orion Wilhoite, Steve Washington, Floyd Miller, Tim Dozier, Mark "Drac" Hicks and Mark Adams.

Photo in 1978 on the back of the album, The Concept. In the foreground, left to right, is Orion Wilhoite, Mark "Drac" Hicks and Tim Dozier. Behind, from left to right, is Mark Adams, Raye Turner, Danny Webster, Tom Lockett, Floyd Miller, Carter Bradley and Steve Washington. For some reason, Arrington, despite being present at this time, was not in this photoshoot.

A photo of the same lineup from the same year of 1978. Starlena Young is also in this photo, but still no Arrington!

The 1981 lineup from the back of the album, Showtime. Left to right: Charles Carter, Danny Webster, Mark Adams, Steve Arrington, Delbert Taylor, Floyd Miller.

Same 1981 lineup from a source I haven't tracked down yet. Left to right: Floyd Miller, Steve Arrington, Charles Carter, Delbert Taylor, Danny Webster, Mark Adams

1982 lineup, on the back of Visions Of The Lite. Left to right: Danny Webster, Delbert Taylor, Floyd Miller, ???, ???, Mark Adams

1983 lineup, on the front of Bad Enuff. From left to right: Floyd Miller, ???, Wayne Foote, Aubrey Rivers, Mark Adams, Eugene Jackson, Danny Webster, ???

And the photoshoot below is from the same time, with the same members, and is to be found in the Blues & Soul magazine, Issue No.405

1984 photoshoot on the back of New Plateau. Only contains Floyd Miller, Danny Webster and Mark Adams (left to right), despite other members being present at this point.

Four pictures on the back of the 1987 album, Make Believe, of Keith Nash, Danny Webster, Mark Adams and Floyd Miller. None of Charles Carter, despite being present in the band at the time.

Here is a complete lineup picture of the 1987 lineup, which was a promo photoshoot found on the back of a Blues & Soul magazine. (Issue No.494)

Also, this picture from the same time, but weirdly, on the Rebirth album, three years later, despite the band not containing Floyd Miller and now containing Mark "Drac" Hicks again.

1992 lineup. From left to right: Mark Adams, Keith Nash, ???**, Mark "Drac" Hicks

**A name was attributed to a fourth member in the album as Steve. The said Steve could be this individual.

1996 lineup. All completely different people, aside from Mark Adams, Floyd Miller, Tom Lockett and Mark "Drac" Hicks. Hicks is on the second left at the top, Floyd Miller is to the right of Hicks, in the middle of the top row, and Adams is second left on the bottom. The rest, I'm unsure.

Tremendous thanks to Lee for this photo of Slave!!!

Any more contributions will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  1. great stuff, wilfie

    mark hicks seems to gets bigger in each picture!

  2. He certainly does!

    And I'm a bit disappointed that as time got on, the members didn't really differ in hairstyles (Except for Danny), but, that's fashion for ya!


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