Sunday, 3 October 2010

Into The Autumn

Yeah, I've not been around lately. Same excuses: other commitments, difficulty finding new material for the blog.

That being said, I've updated the discography section for the umpteenth time. It's the same as most reviews and opinions: with a band like Slave, who left a legacy for all to see in their timeline of albums, as the years go on, you "get it" more and more. So perhaps the songs that at the time that I wasn't extremely thrilled over, have warmed to me much more.

Also, I've updated the covers yet again. But this will probably be the last change to the section in that sense. I've finally done full scans for all the covers, and have set the colours as close to the originals as humanly possible.

And now, for the one new thing that I did find:As stylish a horn section as you can get! Great picture of Floyd Miller there on the trombone!

Keep on funkin'

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